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Jennie Mustafa-Julock is the sought after coach solopreneurs turn to when, no matter what they do, they can't seem to get out of their own way.

She works with super ambitious entrepreneurs whose brilliant plans have been thwarted by their own inner critic for the last time. She helps silence that limiting voice so that you can stop squandering your power and potential and get on with the business of changing the world. Her work has been the catalyst for her clients to launch new businesses, publish their first books, negotiate career leaps, adventure the world, and more.

Coach Jennie is the author of “Hilda: Tackle Your Inner Naysayer, Get Out of Your Own Way, and Unleash Your Badassery.”

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Y'know that voice in your head? The one that says no, you can’t, you shouldn’t, you suck. It’s not your dark side. It’s not a lizard. It's not some magical little critter. 

It’s just Hilda. And I literally wrote the book on her. 

As much as we all complain about that voice that tells us……that’s not the whole truth, is it? Secretly, we LOVE Hilda. Why? She keeps us safe, she keeps us from risking too much, from getting hurt, from going after our dreams, from doing something meaningful with all that potential and power we have.

But that’s just not good enough, is it?

In Hilda, Coach Jennie’s debut book, you’ll learn why the voice inside your head relentlessly tries to keep you small when you’re onto something big. But more importantly, you’ll learn tips and techniques to conquer your inner critic, stop the self-sabotage, and become unstoppable.

This not just another vanity project or a glorified pamphlet, but a legit book, the quintessential manual for differentiating Hilda’s nonsense from your truth. I have been the catalyst for my peeps to launch new businesses, publish their first books, negotiate career leaps, adventure the world, and more.

This stuff works. (Ask any of my clients or book clubs!)

Speaking Topics Include...

Stop Squandering Your Potential:
How to Silence Your Inner Critic So You Can Get On With the Business of Changing the World

We overthink things. We procrastinate. We hold ourselves to impossibly high standards. We fail to make time for what's most important to us. We doubt ourselves. We're afraid of saying no. We never let ourselves cross the finish line. Sometimes we don't even let ourselves cross the starting line. We all have the little voice in the back of our minds reminding us of the risks, the past failures, the potential humiliation, and the loads of fear that come along with chasing our biggest dreams. That little voice is Hilda, your personal inner saboteur.

Hilda stops us in our tracks, stomps on our dreams, and keeps us from pursuing what we want in life. And the higher the stakes, the louder she gets!

Clearly, Hilda must be stopped. That's where this talk comes in. I will help you tackle your inner naysayer so you can radically change your life...and ultimately the world.

In my decade as a coach, I’ve worked with countless forms of powerful women leaders whose big dreams are being derailed by doubt and self-sabotage. It’s not their fault – it’s Hilda, the well-meaning awful saboteur in their heads. I have a powerful message to help them eliminate self sabotage, doubt and burnout of their road to world domination. By learning the ins and outs of Hilda’s behavior, participants will:

  • learn how to shut down that self-sabotaging mindset
  • replace that mindset with the thoughts-feelings-actions that support their best self
  • arm them with specific tools needed to combat Hilda moving forward.

It’s time to get out of your own way and take your emergence to the next level!

How to Get Out of Your Own Way

If you’re tired of only taking small steps toward your big goals, staying safe, but invisible inside your comfort zone, creating excuses for why you’re not really putting yourself out there...

If you know deep down that you are squandering your potential - that you’re only scratching the surface of all you and your business could achieve because you can’t get out of your own way...

If you’re locked in a deathmatch with your inner critic over who gets to run your life and business, and you’re worried that she’s winning...

We can change all that.

You know that voice in your head? The one that says no, you can’t, you shouldn’t, you suck? It’s your inner critic, but I call her Hilda.

And she’s holding your ambitions hostage.


Hilda keeps up a running commentary that you’re just not good enough. She jabs you in the ribs when she thinks you're getting too big for your britches. She takes careful note of all your failures and sends you not-so-gentle reminders of those moments every time a new idea arises. She’s the nagging, negative voice who cunningly chips away at your potential. Because, no matter how driven you are, Hilda’s in your head spewing nonsense to trigger self-doubt, self-consciousness, second guessing, and defeat.

But the good news is it is nonsense. And the better news? I know how to shut her up. Because Hilda is not the boss of you.

In this workshop, participants will:

  • ]understand how to unleash all that power and realize your potential by putting an end to your self-defeating habits.
  • quickly learn the inner critic language and understand how the negative inner dialogue undermines your best intentions and sabotages your success (better known as the four BS Beliefs of “Hilda”) so that you can stop that for good.
  • take your first bold action steps towards your most important (read: terrifying) goals armed with a workbook of tools and tactics specifically designed to shut up Hilda.
  • and leave with a simple, concrete implementation system so you can take all you learn at this event and put it into immediate action during the trip home - no dusty notebooks of conference notes for you!

Highlights from My YouTube Channel

My Belief

Too many ambitious solopreneurs  and professionals squander their potential and power while being held back by their inner critic - a silly little cartoon character who lives in your brain who fills your head with lies and worries designed to hold your dreams hostage.

You have far too much to offer the world to let that happen any longer. I’m gonna help you silence that inner naysayer so you can stop holding yourself back! Then you’ll never look back in regret at what you could have done. 

Bottom line :: I am on a mission to help you stop Hilda in her tracks so you can get on with the business of changing the world.

My Approach

Instead of telling you trite nonsense like feel the fear and do it anyway, taking your audience on a some pseudo-spiritual journey, or coddling them endlessly like a cheerleader, I help you take an honest assessment of your inner naysaying and expose it for what it really is - a web of lies brought to you by your irksome inner naysayer I call Hilda.

You’ll find that I use powerful, pragmatic, FUN, oh-so-Coach Jennie coaching exercises unlike what you’ll find elsewhere. I give your audience a playful, yet cathartic shove in the right direction (with love and humor, natch).

I don’t want your audience to just feel warm and fuzzy inside; I want you to actually fix the problem. 

My Authority

Look. I mean no disrespect. But unlike most coaches who take an expensive online coaching course or two, toss together a shnazzy logo in Canva, and hang out their shingle asking for thousands of dollars, I’ve actually got actual professional chops. My fancy-pants Masters degree in Organization Development taught me how to develop new coaching tools and techniques that I’ve co-created, tested, and validated with hundreds of clients. (Yes, I hold an actual graduate degree, not just some cute certificate you print off the computer.)  

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