It's time to Tackle Your Fears

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Coach Jennie here, your perfect partner in impatient ambition . . .

My fancy-pants Masters degree in Org Dev from American Univ. taught me how to develop new coaching tools and techniques that I’ve co-created, tested, and validated with more than 500 clients over my 15+ years as a professional coach.

But what people really know me for is being the coach that will get underneath their excuses and BS to find the potential they’re sitting on, then show them exactly how to take it for a spin so they can truly make the impact they’re meant to in their time on this planet.

Inside the Coach Jennie-verse, you can expect some serious soul searching with laugh-out-loud ridiculousness . . . because that’s kinda my style.

Whether you’re just getting started, you’re slogging through The Charming Years, or you’re ready to level-up and launch your own movement, my work is designed to get you there.

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