Registration for the September 2023 event is closed!

(Okay, that's the bad news.)

But the GOOD NEWS is that we will be announcing the next event very soon. If you'd like to be among the first to know when you can participate next, add yourself to the waitlist.

You, my friend, are ready to play bigger in your life + your work

You’re on the verge of big moves that will change your future, but stuck and stagnant are the primary words that describe what you’re feeling now.

You’ve tried the mindset shifts. You’ve read the books. You’ve set “smart” goals.

Powerful tools, no doubt. But it’s only the start.

The secret to really making your ambitious future a reality... 

making a commitment to yourself that no excuses, nor bullshit, nor self-sabotage can shake.


That’s why No Matter What was created.

No Matter What is the high-voltage, interactive, one-day coaching intensive where you will claim more, do more, and become more than you ever thought possible.

No Matter What is designed for passionately driven individuals like YOU, who want to focus on what truly matters in life and make a difference in the world (without wasting any more time).

After just one action-packed, unforgettable day together, you'll leave feeling empowered and ready to live your life to the fullest, doing more of what truly matters to you.

Expect some serious soul-searching combined with uproarious laughter as you confront yourself (and all your quirks...we all have them) in a way you've never experienced before.

Bring your ambition. Prepare to face what’s holding you back. 
Leave with an unshakeable commitment to yourself and a concrete plan to achieve more of what matters most to you...

no matter what.

I don’t believe I’ve ever had this level of purpose or determination...

“This was exceptionally empowering, soul uplifting, and an amazing opportunity to tap into Coach Jennie’s knowledge — and all the other inspiring people who joined. I had the double doors open to my future...but now I have a 360-degree visual of my future from a mountain top! I don’t believe I’ve ever had this level of purpose or determination, nor have I felt as supported and grounded as I am with regards to my business; with what I’m doing; why I’m doing it...and the fact that I don’t just want to make money; that I want more. If you are hungry...if you want more of absolutely everything without compromising on the purpose of why you do what you do, I honestly cannot recommend No Matter What highly enough.”

~ Maria Alvarez
Bedfordshire, England

No Matter What isn’t a “just another” conference.

Each minute of No Matter What's one-day intensive is designed to propel you past your self-sabotaging BS so that you can dare to want more, do more, and be more in every aspect of your life.

Cool...but what exactly does that mean?

Want More

You'll not only learn how to figure out what you truly want (as opposed to what you think you should want), but you'll also give yourself the permission to actually go after it. We couldn't care less about what your inner critic (or Hilda, as I've lovingly dubbed her) has to say. Prepare to explore possibilities that would make your haters gasp in disbelief.

Do More

Get ready to dive headfirst into a productivity playbook that'll make you wonder why you ever entertained self-doubt in the first place. That I'm not ready excuse? We'll toss it out the window faster than you can say I've got this. You'll be doing more of what truly matters to you with the kind of unstoppable confidence that even Beyoncé would envy.

Be More

You'll reconnect with your own potential like never before. We're talking about mapping out a 90-day game plan that'll have your confidence doing cartwheels. Picture this: unwavering commitment, a clear path forward, a universe of opportunities, and the sheer audacity to make it happen in just three months' time. Cue the mic drop.

How are we gonna make this happen?

Well, we don’t get there through trust falls or fire walks.

We are gonna make this happen by asking tough questions, working through tried-and-true exercises, and capitalizing on the camaraderie of an intentionally intimate (we cap this event at 18 participants for a reason), judgment-free community that encourages you to:

Get unstuck from the fear, doubts, perfectionism, and more that’s holding you back + holding you down

Challenge and stretch yourself to step beyond your comfort zone

Dig into your potential to find out what you’re really made of, becoming an unstoppable force to be reckoned with #nomatterwhat (‘nuff said.)

And...let’s just get this out of the way: I have a bit of a reputation for making people cry. 

Sure, you may shed a tear or two during this experience, but I promise they will be cathartic tears. Grab your favorite tissues. #sorrynotsorry

That said, while personal development like this can (and should) involve deep, challenging work, I’ve got one ground rule that must be obeyed...

If we’re not having fun, we’re doing it wrong!

“I came to No Matter What on the verge of big projects that would change my financial future and solidify that I can never go back to playing small. Exciting, but scary...and that fear is a beast. Coach Jennie honored my fear and walked me past it in an honest manner. I’m clear on what I want, how to communicate my goals, and how to make them a priority. I’m walking onto the stage I’ve been creating with a smile.”

~ Lisa Selthofer
Port Saint Lucie, Florida

“What now?” | “What’s next?” | “Whyyy isn’t this working?” 

If these are questions cluttering your brain on a daily basis, you’re in the right place. 

In just one epic day, we’ll retire your excuses, ignite your motivation, and create a focused plan for making your most ambitious goals a reality.

You just have to show up.

Put me on the No Matter What waitlist!

Fun fact, friend: The problem isn’t your ambition — that, you’ve got. 

The issue lies in your commitment.

(We’re going to change that.)
Coach Jennie here, your perfect partner in impatient ambition . . .

My fancy-pants Masters degree in Org Dev from American Univ. taught me how to develop new coaching tools and techniques that I’ve co-created, tested, and validated with more than 500 clients over my 17+ years as a professional coach.

But what people really know me for is being the coach that will get underneath their excuses and BS to find the potential they’re sitting on, then show them exactly how to take it for a spin so they can truly make the impact they’re meant to in their time on this planet.

Rather than reinvent the wheel of goal-setting and other tried-and-true-but-stale methods, No Matter What is entirely focused on the secret ingredient missing for most changemakers — an unwavering commitment to yourself and your dreams.

This jam-packed, intentionally intimate event will deliver the clarity, direction, bravery, gumption, and support you need to go from impatient human → official changemaker.

And I, for one, can’t wait to witness your transformation when you join me there!

Why move inches when you can move leagues?

Don’t just take it from me — hear it from past No Matter What participants who’ve broken free from the holding pattern they were in to create the clarity, confidence, and plan they need to expand their careers, pivot in their business, create deeper relationships in their personal lives, and so. much. more...

“There was a lot of fun but there wasn't any fluff. Crying, yes. Nausea, yes. A-ha moments, by the truckload. But no fluffy goal setting junk or platitudes or any of that stuff we've all sat through. No Matter What lit a fire under my bum and got me moving consistently, with hyper-focused clarity, confidence, and less chicken-shit-ed-ness. I've already been way more visible, way more vocal, way more out there, and I've had this laser focus onto what actually matters in my life and in my business, so much so that I could not wait to buy my ticket for the next round and I hope I see you there because truly, if you wanna spend one kick-ass, powerful, unusual, but productive day on your business or your life, No Matter What is for you.”

Annie P. Ruggles
Chicago, Illinois

“I came to No Matter What in this space of, “Oh my God, what's next?” I had no idea about my career, personal...anything. Coach Jennie has a unique way to get you to answer the hard questions that maybe you didn't even think of. Come prepared to be honest with yourself...and don't hold back. No Matter What is really a method to be introspective and self-reflective in a way that applies to both work + life. If you come in half-ass, you may not get as much out of it...but if you’re honest with the questions being asked and ready to be open with others, then you'll really be ready to get what you can from the program. I'm not quick to make connections with people just because I tend to be very shy, but the event just flows, and forces you to open up. It helped me to be vulnerable in a way that I wasn't expecting, that created some amazing connections with folks and gave me the focus I needed.”

Matt Roberts
Orlando, Florida

“If you’re struggling to pull off those lofty goals you have because you just keep getting in your own way and you cannot STAND it for one single moment more, you owe it to yourself to be at No Matter What. The question for No Matter What was: Could Coach Jennie pull that off in just 7 hours? The answer? Why yes, yes she could. We claimed new and exciting goals, made concrete plans that will carry us forward for months, and actually took our first steps forward DURING the event. So that, instead of leaving with a bunch of notes to be shoved in a drawer, we walked away with a whole new sense of ourselves and our capacity to change the world because we had already started.”

~ Wendy White
Middlebury, Vermont

No Matter What isn’t for everyone.

This isn’t another event you attend, take a few notes from, feel energetic for about 24 hours, then go right back to your daily grind without any change.

You will be expected to show up. You will be expected to keep your camera on. (Unless you’re taking a bathroom break — which is allowed, of course.) You will be expected to shut down distractions, dive in, get vulnerable, be brave, and accept accountability on your #nomatterwhat commitments.

When you do? You’ll walk away amazed at the clarity you’ve uncovered, the confidence you’ve gained, and the connections you’ve made...not to mention the concrete plan of action for your next 90-days of badassery.  

Take it from past participant, Anna: “I have gotten more done in the weeks since the event than I had in the last year! No Matter What is so powerful and energizing! I was ready to begin to take action, and still, I hadn't expected this much. (My business buddies, who have seen me stuck and hesitant for years, are amazed.)

If that still leaves you on the fence on whether No Matter What is for you? Read on...

No Matter What is exactly where you need to be if...

👍🏻 Your dreams are crystal clear (and downright scary), but you’re ready for more and can’t seem to get it going.

👍🏻 The perfectionism, imposter syndrome, and doubt that’s leading you to squander your potential is leaving you exhausted, unfocused, and uncertain.

👍🏻 You’ve disappointed yourself repeatedly by making plans and not following through...and that cycle has sacked your confidence.

👍🏻 You're willing to commit to retiring your excuses, activating unshakeable commitments to yourself, and following through — with a level of support you’ve never felt before.

But do yourself a favor and please don’t even think about attending if...

👎🏻 You’re a navel gazer who wants guided meditations, firewalks, dance parties, and other unnecessary self-help theatrics instead of my fun-but-challenging coaching experiences. (Insert eye roll + groan here...)

👎🏻 You prefer to buy “guru”-inspired infocrack with the best of intentions without making the time and space to actually DO the things — making you an accidental student of what you want instead of the DOer you need to be.

👎🏻 You’re not willing to take time away from work/business for one day — or worse, you think you can multitask. (I promise: It doesn’t work.)

No Matter What will change how you show up for your work and your life — but first, you have to show up for yourself... 

Like Annie, Krysty, Desiree, Maria, and Carrie have:


No Matter What ignites possibility and sends you off with something even better: A plan.

In just 7 hours, you’ll make real, powerful, #nomatterwhat-level commitments to yourself, your life, and your work for the next 90 days...with the public accountability you need to actually make them happen.

Join us at the next No Matter What two-day intensive for the event that will change the trajectory of your future.

Put me on the No Matter What waitlist!

“No Matter What helped me slog through what I really want to accomplish in my life and in my business. I struggled with the worksheets in the beginning because I didn't know what the heck I wanted. I just knew I was unhappy, exhausted and perpetually overwhelmed. Going through the intensive weekend, I took a really good look at my life and business and realized I had lost my identity. Working through NMW, I was able to articulate what I needed to do to fix it. I took BACK control of my life and my personal happiness. My goal was to step out from behind the curtain and become the true CEO of our business. I put together a plan to do that and I made it happen. My life has become richer and more satisfying on both a personal and a professional level. I had no idea that stepping in as CEO of our business was so pivotal in my happiness and my personal growth. The process of #NoMatterWhat really clarified my thinking and my path forward. Coach Jennie is not just an amazing human, she is one of the smartest people I have ever met. She has enriched our lives and helped us build this plane in the air. I look forward to many more years and even bigger growth. Take the time. Go to the event. Let it change your life. You're worth it.”

Brenda White
Harrisonburg, Virginia

I went into No Matter What knowing I wanted to double down on recent commitments I had made to myself. I came out with a whole lot more that I did not anticipate. No Matter What gave me focus; it gave me permission to say “not right now” to things I can revisit later. It has made me super intentional. I appreciated that there was no recording — it forced me to be present. That’s huge for us people who are otherwise distracted with so many priorities and different things we’re juggling. It was an opportunity to be present for me, which is not something I’ve done for a long time. I’ll tell you this: No Matter What is really helpful if you really want to make change. I just can't say enough about how far it will take you beyond what you thought you were even going in for...go in with an expectation to work hard, go in with vulnerability and willingness to see areas that you hadn't thought about needed to be worked on and you'll come out with insight, a plan, and a focus that you had not anticipated.

~ Doreca Delbridge
Woodbridge, Virginia

“I'd been fiddling around with my business and trying to get it going, but I hadn't put that really focused effort in it. After attending No Matter What the first time, I started taking more ownership for why my business wasn't where I wanted it. All my excuses were peeled back. Who likes to face their excuses for why they're not where they want to be? Jennie does that so beautifully. She doesn't let you hide...I've gone to other events, and you can hide in the back and nobody calls on you. You take notes and you go home and you never open that binder again, right? But Jennie doesn't let you do that. She attracts people who bring really good energy, because they're ready; they're tired of their excuses...Then she just does a great job of setting the energy. It feels like you're sitting around a coffee table with everybody chatting. That's just part of her natural way. It's only a one day event, but when you go in the afternoon, it feels like you're going back to your high school reunion...all of a sudden, in just one day you have this team behind you, cheering you on. If you’re at the point where you’ve been kicking around an idea or dream in your head and maybe have had some stops and starts...Jennie will help you clear away the deadwood that's on the path and you leave with a plan.”

Krysty Krywko
Chappaqua, New York

“I thought I was serious about my goals before, but NMW pushed me to literally Want More, Do More, and Be More... 

The combination of shoves, support, and accountability is unlike anything else. Thanks to No Matter What, I can say with complete confidence (and some nausea) that I am now the kind of person who does BIG things even when scared and uncertain #NoMatterWhat.” 
~ Jenn Vazquez, Framingham, MA

No fluff. No veiled sales pitch. No guest experts. One, 7-hour, highly interactive day (with ample breaks), and lots of personal attention.

Will we see you there?

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