About Coach Jennie

Hello! I’m the coach for people who have “impatient ambition" — people who’ve done some great things, but want waaaay more…and it’s just not happening fast enough. I help them stop squandering their potential and take immediate action on their next big thing…so that they can get farther & faster than they ever thought possible.
I’d be a STELLAR GUEST for your podcasts, livestreams, communities, and programs!
Since 2006, my work has been the catalyst for my clients to launch new businesses, publish first books, negotiate career leaps, adventure the world, and more. My message (tailored for your particular audience, obvi) will activate your peeps to actually implement what you are teaching them so they can enjoy the results you want them to have much, much faster! (All with tons of humor and interactive fun!)
When not coaching, speaking, or writing in my no-nonsense signature style, I can often be found on cruise ships or at Disneyland or on other adventures with my amazing wife and CEO, Meredyth. We’ve very recently become digital nomads and now live in our new Airstream trailer, running our empire from the road.
On your show or media outlet, we can jam about my disruptive takes on topics including coaching, self-sabotage, impatient ambition, confidence, commitment, fear of success/failure, imposter syndrome, perfectionism, membership design, our new RV life…among many other things.
Reach out to me if you’d like me to help you ACTIVATE your audience/clients so they get allllll of the value you offer!


I've had the opportunity to contribute lots of articles to some wonderful publications and magazines. Here's a quick sample of some of my published work across the interwebs so you can get a glimpse at my work.


I have also had the good fortune to be featured by other journalists on occasion. Here's a sample of some of my faves:

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