a virtual coaching membership

designed to feed your impatient ambition

Hey you.

Yes you. You--with the big dreams and even bigger expectations. I see you. Buried amongst piles of notes and scribbles . . . your beautifully over-organized notebooks . . . and those perfectly posed vision boards. The grand plan sprawled out before you detailing future Ted Talks and outlining book tours . . . changing the world in the way that only you can.

You want more - in your life, in your word, in the world of others - and you wanted it yesterday.

But then, WHAM!

Self-sabotage shows up in the form of your pesky inner critic and starts to whisper in your ear. Cue the habits and pitfalls building an impassable road block - robbing you of the dreams you rightfully deserve.

  • Perfectionism to the point of paralysis.
  • Second guessing yourself like nobody’s business.
  • Making epic plans that rarely come to fruition.

Sound familiar?

Sure, you’ve been given the same suggestions time and time again to move forward ::

“Find an accountability buddy”

“Join a circle”

“Set better goals”

lather, rinse, repeat . . . forever.
(cue: eyeroll)

Now, imagine those dreams and your life with the following in place . . . 

  • A proven inner critic expert, coach and changemaker - in your corner every step of the way.

  • The exact tools you need to feed your impatient ambition - week after week.

  • Surrounding yourself with a whole community of individuals - equally driven and ambitious - taking real steps every single day to get out of their own way and get on with the business of changing the world!

What if you could shift, once and for all, from planning to actually implementing? 
From being accountable to being remarkable?

Now you can.


Registration is currently CLOSED until early 2021. 
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YES! I want everything you just said!

I’m Your Perfect Partner in Impatient Ambition

Hi, I'm Coach Jennie.

Unlike most life coaches who take an expensive online coaching course, toss together a logo in Canva, and hang out their shingle, I’ve actually got real professional chops. I’ve co-created, tested, and validated tools and techniques with hundreds of clients over my 14+ years in business.

Oh, and did I tell you I literally wrote the book on this stuff? Hilda: Tackle Your Inner Naysayer, Get Out of Your Own Way, and Unleash Your Badassery is my pride and joy. 

I have been the catalyst for my peeps to launch new businesses, publish their first books, negotiate career leaps, adventure the world, and more.

I’m an expert facilitator, and I actually have the credentials to back it up - I have a Masters in Organizational Development and use it with aplomb. I’ve also run community after community, and been an active participant in more than I can count.  I know what makes the best of them tick and how to deliver highly personalized, actionable feedback to every member, regardless of the group’s size or format. 

MAKE IT HAPPEN is the culmination of all my experience and my life’s work to date - because I realized that getting you out of your own way is only the beginning. I have so much more to share with super brilliant changemakers like you.

Whether you’re just getting started, you’re slogging through The Charming Years, or you’re ready to level-up and launch your own movement, MAKE IT HAPPEN is designed to get you there.

Here's How MAKE IT HAPPEN...well, Happens

weekly coaching sessions

These group calls are your opportunity dig deeper into the material, workshop your ideas, solve problems, and forge lasting connections with others who have decided to take this self-empowerment journey. It’s been said it’s where a lot of the magic happens.

On these calls, you can expect ::

  • a super-sized dose of focus and accountability
  • tools and challenges designed to keep you powering forward
  • virtual high-fives, enthusiasm, support, and new perspectives from Coach Jennie and your fellow members

The weekly sessions are the heart and soul of MAKE IT HAPPEN, and those who have enrolled before you will tell you that it's worth the investment for these sessions alone.

additional community sessions

Members get a chance to deep dive into real world topics relevant to changemakers. You’ll build consistent habits and patterns that prioritize the steps to getting out of your own way and tackling your dreams. Each month,  will be offered, including tool parties, AMAs, Hilda’s Help Desk, book discussions,.

private access to your coach, daily

Members can text* Coach Jennie directly anytime they feel blocked, stuck, or just need a cathartic shove (*US/CAN only). Coach Jennie will be there to answer your burning questions and help you explore the ever-growing library of proven tips, tricks and worksheets available to members of Make it Happen.

Oh I'm so in! Take my money!

Facebook groups are lovely . . .
but here’s why Make It Happen DOES NOT HAVE ONE.

Because we’ve all been there...spending way too much time soaking in the infocrack . . . bouncing from group to group hoping to gain direct access to that guru who gets you . . . only to find semi-relevant GIFs and empty, canned responses.

Let’s get real. These groups have fanned the flames of your ambition. But have you found the “support” you need to really change your life? Probably not.



Here are my promises to you:

I promise to see you, understand you, support you, and push you.

I promise to help you retire your excuses and feed your dreams.

I promise to introduce you to a remarkable group of impatiently ambitious people just like you.

I promise to guide you and cheer you on every step of the way!

I promise to be in the trenches with you every day as you make it happen.

Heck yeah! I need Coach Jennie in my life!

MAKE IT HAPPEN is not your average membership

It’s an immersive coaching experience with a very specific kind of coach - and it simply isn’t for everyone.

Please don’t even think about signing up if:

  • You’re not particularly ambitious (or if you flat-out hate the word ambition).

  • You’re content with the status quo of your life.

  • You’re really only looking for a place to show off, be validated, and leave.

  • You’re looking for soothing, fluffy filler to help you procrastinate.

  • You’re seeking an easy button for rapid success, productivity, or enlightenment.

  • You really don’t like the idea of being pushed - you’d prefer to be politely encouraged.

But Make It Happen is designed specifically for you if: 

  • Everything on the previous list kinda made you gag.
  • You are ready to dig deep - and meet some wonderful people in the process.
  • You constantly want more and are learning to love that about yourself.
  • You’re ready for significant change in your one-of-a-kind life.
  • You want to make the most of yourself, your voice, and your time.
  • You’re over platitudes, easy buttons, comparison fests, empty promises, and goal-setting and want something infinitely more personal and productive.
I am so ready, Coach Jennie!