Y'know that voice in your head? The one that says no, you can’t, you shouldn’t, you suck. It’s not your dark side. It’s not a lizard. It's not some magical little critter. 

It’s just Hilda.

As much as we all complain about that voice that tells us……that’s not the whole truth, is it? Secretly, we LOVE Hilda. Why? She keeps us safe, she keeps us from risking too much, from getting hurt, from going after our dreams, from doing something meaningful with all that potential and power we have.

But that’s just not good enough, is it?

In Hilda, Coach Jennie’s debut book, you’ll learn why the voice inside your head relentlessly tries to keep you small when you’re onto something big. But more importantly, you’ll learn tips and techniques to conquer your inner critic, stop the self-sabotage, and become unstoppable.


Meet Hilda

"Hilda" is the name I give to your irksome, inner naysayer who constantly tells you how much you suck. 

She’s the annoying, internal personal saboteur inside your brain that tells you incessantly that you’re not good enough. She jabs you in the ribs when she thinks you're getting too big for your britches. She takes note of all your past failures and sends you not-so-gentle reminders of those moments every time a new idea arises.

She’s the nagging, negative voice inside your brain with the disempowering messages who cunningly chips away at your potential. No matter how ambitious you are, Hilda’s in your head spewing nonsense to trigger self-doubt, self-consciousness, second guessing, and defeat.

Her sole job in your life is to keep you stuck . . . and unfortunately, she's really great at it. But here's the good news...

She is not boss of you!


Far too many people squander their potential and their power - and that’s not good enough!

I'm here to help you seize control from Hilda. 

You’re gonna call on her BS.

You're gonna look it square in the eye. 

You're gonna recognize her noise for what it is AND what it is not.

You don’t have to squander your power and potential. Here’s what you have to do instead... You have recognize what’s going on. You have to call it out. You have to look at it and realize how much power it has and how much control you actually have over it and realize it’s not in charge of your life.

"I found myself laughing, learning, and nodding along throughout the entire book -- which I devoured in no time. It's the perfect blend of stories, research, and action steps -- and I can't wait to read it again. It'll be my go-to guide whenever I'm getting in my own damn way."

Sara Frandina

"The stories, the definitions, and the actions one can take to eliminate your own Hilda make this so much more than your typical "feel good and put it on the shelf" book. This is a book you can refer to your entire life whenever you're about to do something!"

Karen Graves

"I laughed, I empathized, I heard my own human Hilda’s in some of the Hildaisms. Every one of your shares was relatable and your solutions helped to prepare for the next opportunity that my Hilda may show up to add to my documentary."

Chris Laible

"This isn’t a self help book at all. It’s a self shove book (new category, Amazon?). It made me realize how much self-sabotage is going on in my life; and more importantly, it is showing me that there is a way to stop it. I read this book and I got more than advice; I got hope."

RJ Redden

"The subject matter is indeed deep and heavy but Coach Jennie presents it in a ridiculously humorous way and honestly this will save you thousands of dollars in therapy sessions (not that I have anything against therapists)."

Anfernee Chansamooth

"To quote the book, "You have far too much to offer the world to stay stuck in indecision and inertia another moment. You know it's time. You know you can handle it. You know I'm right." And she is. Read this book and get going. This is on my Kindle app on my phone so I can literally carry Jennie around in my pocket! It's a dream come true."

Stacy Spensley

"Hilda is a really special book. While it gives you a clear understanding of the science and psychology behind self-sabotage and the inner critic, it doesn't bog you down in the *why*. The book educates you just enough on all the *why* to empower you to to take action. "

Megan Atkinson

"If you have aspirations of achieving something fabulous, but seem to always stop dead in your tracks - this book is the secret sauce you've been searching for. Buy it. Read it. Read it again. Implement. Win! Show the world your awesomeness."

Lisa Phoenix

"You'll learn - without it feeling like you're learning - to recognize Hilda when she shows up. Empowerment is the end result as you learn a signature seven step exercise to keep Hilda in your back pocket instead of running the show (your life) from the lofty towers of your brain."

Laura Childs

"This book is not filled with highfalutin mumbo jumbo, indecipherable data with footnotes or feel good quotes that do nothing for you. It’s also not a book filled with nice advice to make you shake your head and agree (although I'm sure you will), Coach Jennie is dishing out actionable, practical tips and techniques to conquer your inner critic, stop self-sabotage, and become unstoppable."

ChaChanna Simpson

"I cannot recommend this book enough to anyone who's ever thought I can't, I shouldn't, I don't know, or I don't wanna. Basically, everyone. Coach Jennie offers specific, actionable tips for what to do whenever one of these thoughts enters your brain."

Heather Huhman

"Reading Hilda is like sitting across from Coach Jennie with your favorite beverage, and sharing your journey. Hilda is audaciously self-revealing and written in a straight-forward, no nonsense, here’s my story now let’s talk about yours, way. Coach Jennie’s authenticity shines through, grabs you and shoves you toward your goals and dreams"

Debi Vance Skaff

Meet the Author

Coach Jennie helps ambitious people become unstuck and unstoppable through her coaching practice and speaking career. 

Her BS-free approach to so-much-more-than-life coaching has been the catalyst for her clients to launch new businesses, publish their first books, negotiate career leaps, adventure the world, and more. With over 11 years of coaching under her belt, she has committed the rest of her professional life to educating and inspiring driven individuals to squash the patterns of self-sabotage, get out of their own way, and go on to build the Audacious lives they deserve.

Coach Jennie instigates audacity from sunny Los Angeles with her amazing wife, Meredyth. She also enjoys talking about herself in the third person...as you clearly see here. 

Available in Paperback, Kindle, and Audible Editions