How to Stop Squandering Your Potential and Get On With the Business of Changing the World









Once upon a time, you got into business for yourself for two big reasons ::

1) to help people make their dreams happen using your talents, and

2) to have the freedom to run a business that enables you to lead your ideal lifestyle

...but somewhere between building your funnel and serving your clients and picking up groceries, your dreams get lost in the shuffle.

Sure, you're making some money in your biz (at least from time to time) and things are okaaaay...ish.

But somehow, you’re just not where you want it to be yet. 

You. Want. More.

You have a ton of ideas percolating, but you’re just wrecked by your constant internal criticism.

You spend an upsetting amount of time stewing on negative thoughts, like who do I think I am? Why can’t I keep up with my mastermind peeps? Why does this work suck so much of the time?

You’re losing faith, and you don't want to give up.

And yet you procrastinate, then feel guilty about procrastinating, and then decide to procrastinate some more.

You know you’re meant for greatness,  but you’re stressed out, overworked, and still feel like you’re not making any significant progress.

You are squandering your potential . . . and that's just not good enough anymore.

I've been there. I get it. And I got you.

I'm going to show you how you can finally get out of your own way without all the self-doubt, perfectionism, insecurity, and procrastination. Click below to register for this online workshop.

First, you'll learn...

that it's not your fault! Your inner critic (aka Hilda) is holding your ambitions hostage.

Then I'll explain...

how her negative inner dialogue undermines your best intentions and sabotages your success.

Then you'll learn...

how to combat her running commentary so you can realize your true potential. 

And we'll wrap up...

with a game plan for how you can get out of your own way - permanently.

Meet Your Host, Coach Jennie

Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Jennie Mustafa-Julock, but everyone just calls me Coach Jennie. With 12 years of life and business coaching under my belt, I am the sought after coach solopreneurs turn to when - no matter what they do - they can't seem to get out of their own way.

Or to put it another way, I work with super ambitious entrepreneurs whose brilliant plans have been thwarted by their own inner critic for the last time.

I literally wrote the book on this stuff :: Hilda: Tackle Your Inner Naysayer, Get Out of Your Own Way, and Unleash Your Badassery, the quintessential manual for differentiating Hilda’s nonsense from your truth. I have been the catalyst for my peeps to launch new businesses, publish their first books, negotiate career leaps, adventure the world, and more. 


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How to Stop Squandering Your Potential and Get On With the Business of Changing the World

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