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Well hello there, my beautiful friend! So you're looking for a coach to help you Get Out of Your Own Way? You’ve made the right move in clicking through to this page. Your presence here tells me that you’re an action taker who’s ready to take bold steps.

(I totally love that about you, btw!)

But before we go any further, I want to level with you...

I may not be the best coach for you.

Look. I am what you may call a bit of an acquired taste. You deserve to work with the kind of coach who will push and guide you in the way that most effectively pushes and guides you. Only then will you be able to get out of your own way and get on with the business of changing the world. And I want that for you. Don’t you? 

But that said,  if you know you’re a super talented, brilliant badass with genius to share with the world, but somehow, you just CANNOT seem to get out of your own way to make it happen . . . and you’re starting to worry that it’s never going to happen for you, we simply MUST talk. I can help. For FREE. 

How would you like to start each day feeling totally pumped about the day ahead because you are no longer standing in your own way and you are empowered to tackle your next big thing?

Sounds rather amazing, amiright? 

Well, it’s absolutely within your reach. 

But first, you and I need to level with each other one more time. 

Tell me if you can relate . . .


You get in your own way too much, and you know it.

You have a ton of ideas percolating, but you’re just wrecked by your constant internal criticism. Perhaps you’ve had opportunities to make something happen - something big even - but you’ve walked away from those moments again and again because you were too darn scared. You get afraid that you won’t be able to handle what you really want and find a way to sabotage yourself before you can gain any traction. It's time for a change and you can feel it. But you constantly doubt your ability to make that shift. 

Or maybe… 

You take far too long to make a freaking decision.

Everything feels so big and so important and you’re terrified of making a wrong move in any direction. You trust that once you’ve made the decision, you’ll be good to go, but you keep overthinking and overanalyzing your choices until your best ideas die a sad, slow, and untimely death. You have been spinning your wheels long enough and letting self doubt and fear get in the way too long. You’ve come to the realization that you’re wasting this opportunity. And you’ll will never forgive yourself it you don't at least give this 100% to see where it will take you.

Or maybe...

You’re sick and tired of "trying" to make things happen.

You’ve been doing this on your own for a long time, and that kind of makes you feel ashamed that this hasn't taken off yet. You got into business to make a big splash and an even bigger impact, and while you’re business is doing okaaaay, but you’ve not caught the brass ring you’re reaching for yet. You’re losing faith, and you don't want to give up. And yet you procrastinate, then feel guilty about procrastinating, and then decide to procrastinate some more. You know you’re meant for greatness. You feel that you’re truly on the precipice of something spectacular! If only you could get out of your own way.

Sound like I’m reading your mind (or pretty damn close)? Yeah, keep reading.

So what’s going on here?

Well, to put it bluntly, you’re letting your INNER CRITIC run the show! 

Allow me to elaborate.

Y'know that voice in your head? The one that says no, you can’t, you shouldn’t, you suck. It’s not your dark side. It’s not a lizard. It's not some magical little critter. 

It’s just Hilda (that’s what I call her anyway). And she’s holding your ambitions hostage.

Hilda is the name I give to the annoying, internal personal saboteur inside your brain that tells you incessantly that you’re not good enough. She jabs you in the ribs when she thinks you're getting too big for your britches. She takes note of all your past failures and sends you not-so-gentle reminders of those moments every time a new idea arises. She’s the nagging, negative voice inside your brain with the disempowering messages who cunningly chips away at your potential. No matter how ambitious you are, Hilda’s in your head spewing nonsense to trigger self-doubt, self-consciousness, second guessing, and defeat.

As much as we all complain about what that voice that tells us . . . that’s not the whole truth, is it? Secretly, we LOVE Hilda. Why? She keeps us safe. She keeps us from risking too much. From getting hurt. From going after our dreams. From doing something meaningful with all that potential and power we have.

But that’s just not good enough anymore, is it?

Her sole job in your life is to keep you stuck . . . and unfortunately, she's really great at it. 

But here's the good news...

She is not the boss of you!

If you’re locked in a death match with your inner critic over who gets to RUN YOUR LIFE, and you’re worried that she’s winning...

If you’re FRUSTRATED with sitting on a shitload of potential, and only scratching the surface of it because you can’t get out of your own damn way...

If you’re DONE with only taking small steps toward your big goals, staying safe and snug inside your comfort zone, and creating excuses for why you’re not putting yourself out there...

I can help. 

I can help you stop squandering the power and potential you have inside, so you never regret all that you could have been. 

At this point if you're anything like me, you might be thinking:

"Okay, Coach Jennie. I'm very interested. But what's this gonna cost?"

I get it. I have a love/hate relationship with long sales pages myself.

Want to cut to the chase? I like you. Click here.


Who is Coach Jennie?

It just occurred to me that we may not yet be acquainted. Allow me to introduce myself.

I'm Jennie Mustafa-Julock, but everyone just calls me Coach Jennie. With over 12 years of life and business coaching under my belt, I have committed the rest of my professional life to educating and inspiring driven individuals on how to squash the patterns of self-sabotage, get out of their own way, and go on to build the badass lives and businesses you deserve. 

I seek to shatter one status quo belief that life coaching has to be a spiritual, warm & fuzzy, woo-woo experience where you are coddled endlessly and given platitudes that make you feel good but take you nowhere. This gives the title “Coach” a bad name and that breaks my heart. I want to redefine the reputation of what coaching can be – a swift kick in the ass so you realize much more potential, do extraordinary things with your time and energy, and be the best damn version of yourself possible.


How am I different from the average coach?

Look. I mean no disrespect. But unlike most coaches who take an expensive online coaching course or two, toss together a shnazzy logo in Canva, and hang out their shingle asking for thousands of dollars, I’ve actually got actual professional chops. My fancy-pants Masters degree in Organization Development taught me how to develop new coaching tools and techniques that I’ve co-created, tested, and validated with hundreds of clients. (Yes, I hold an actual graduate degree, not just some cute certificate you print off the computer.)  

Oh, and did I tell you I literally wrote the book on this stuff? Hilda: Tackle Your Inner Naysayer, Get Out of Your Own Way, and Unleash Your Badassery. This not just another vanity project or a glorified pamphlet, but a legit book, the quintessential manual for differentiating Hilda’s nonsense from your truth. I have been the catalyst for my peeps to launch new businesses, publish their first books, negotiate career leaps, adventure the world, and more. This shit works. (Ask any of my clients!)

I believe that too many ambitious solopreneurs squander their potential and power being held back by their inner critic and they have far too much to offer the world to let that happen.

So I help them silence that inner naysayer, so they can stop holding themselves back and never look back in regret at all that they could have been if they had just gotten out of their own way, and they can get on with the business of changing the world.

Instead of telling you to feel the fear and do it anyway, taking you on a some pseudo-spiritual journey, or coddling you, I help you take an honest assessment of your inner mindfuckery and expose it for what it really is -  a web of lies brought to you by your irksome inner naysayer named Hilda.  

In the Get Out of Your Own Way Coaching Program, I use powerful, pragmatic, FUN coaching exercises to systematically knock Hilda off her high horse. Through self-guided modules and workbooks (EVERYONE loves Coach Jennie workbooks!) I give you playful, yet cathartic shoves in the right direction (with love and humor, natch). Because I don’t want you to just feel warm and fuzzy, I want to actually fix the problem.

Sounds Great! Where do I sign?

YAY! I love decisive people! We're gonna get along like peas and carrots!

The first step is to book a free call with me to ensure we're a great fit. So let's hop on a call immediately, if not sooner, so we can get you started. 


"I am forever grateful for her program."

"Coach Jennie is my GO TO person for coaching. Her program, the people that are in the program and her amazing self propelled me from STANDING on the Cusp of great ideas... to actually IMPLEMENTING those ideas. Her 9 week program is BEYOND amazing. It is SO amazing that those of us that were in the program together, BEGGED her to start an alumni group so that we could all stay connected and continue to work together.

You owe it to yourself to set up a call with her to check out who she is, ask questions about her program and then after all your nerves settle ask when you can start! You will not be disappointed. I am forever grateful for her program."

~ Jen Yockey, Coach, Mentor, and Advocate

WHO :: Super Talented Solopreneurs

If you’re a super talented, brilliant badass with genius to share with the world, but somehow, you just CANNOT seem to get out of your own way to make it happen, you’ve come to the right place. I’m not talking about people who are sitting around getting nothing done. You’re getting A LOT done - in fact, most of the people I work with are getting TOO MUCH done. But yet it’s not building up to the results you are looking for. You didn’t get into business just to make some more money or just to escape cubicleville; you got into business to change the freaking world! So I’m here to support and push you super talented and brilliant solopreneurs so you can get out of your own way PERMANENTLY.

WHAT :: On the Cusp of Greatness

You’ve been on the cusp of doing great things for AGES, but, somehow, you just keep getting in your own way. You didn’t start just another coaching practice/another copywriting service/another design business/another healing practice/another ______ whateverthehell. You know that those ideas you have written in your handy-dandy-little-notebook could change lives. And yet you find yourself spending an upsetting amount of time stewing on negative thoughts instead of stepping into that greatness. That’s no longer acceptable, my friend. I’m gonna help you drop all that self-doubt so you can finally put yourself out there front and center.

WHEN :: Yesterday, If Not Sooner

You know this is the right time for this program if you resonate with the following :: I can no longer go about my life in the same manner, doing the same things, catering to the same habits. You know it’s time for a change and you can feel it. Nobody can do this part for you. It’s a decision you have to make. You have to get to that place of I’m so tired of standing in my own way. I’m so tired of letting my inner critic run my life. I’m so sick and tired of holding myself back. Of thinking small. Of being frustrated. And I want to change my life yesterday, if not sooner. If any of that resonates, you’re in the right place.

WHERE :: Right Here + Now

Where is whereverthehell you are right here and now! I hate to burst your bubble, but there's no such thing as perfect timing. You’re probably waiting until everything is just right - y’know when the planets align with the stars and the universe decides to throw you a bone. Yeah. That’s just a fantasy, sister. You're exactly where you need to be right here and right now. Period. You can decide right here and now to change everything - to radically change your life. You have that choice. There’s no better time to spring into action than right here and now. You can totally handle it and I’m here to help you do the deep work you need to do to stop sabotaging your success.

WHY :: You. Want. More.

And you deserve nothing less. You know you deserve it! You're audacious and you want to make the most of this spin on the big blue marble. Isn't that why you got into business for yourself in the first place? Not just so you can help other people, but selfishly for YOU. (I’m using the word selfish here for a reason.) Sure, perhaps you started your business to stop “working for the man.” Okay, maybe that’s part of your story, but it’s certainly not the whole story. (If it is the whole story, move on! You don’t belong here.) But if you got into business because you want to use your skills, your talents, your passions to help other humans build their dreams whilst also helping build YOUR DREAMS where you’re changing the world in some way and making your mark . . . then, you’ve found a new home here.

"Her coaching program will change your life!"

"I believe in coaches. I believe in investing in education, support, and accountability, and I believe that the world needs to know Coach Jennie. She's the real deal and her coaching program will change your life! If you have big dreams (or you used to but they're kinda fuzzy now), and you need help to "Get Out of Your Own Way" please take a peek at this program and give Jennie a call. I did, and it was worth every cent and much more!"

~ Jenn Vazquez, Purple Penguin Fitness

Program Deets

Yeah, I would want to know more, too. Here's everything we will cover over the next nine weeks together.

My signature coaching experience is unlike anything you've ever experienced. I know, I know. You've heard this kind of thing before, but trust me, this is special. 

This nine week hybrid-coaching experience that incorporates self-guided coaching modules, group coaching, masterminding, and one-on-one coaching with rolling admission - all at no-excuse pricing. The program is a deep dive into how we as entrepreneurs stand in our own way and more importantly, what to do about it.

Here's an overview of all the material we will cover...

Getting Unstuck

If you weren't wrecked by your constant inner criticism, what would you want? And what might change for you? These may sound like a simple questions, but it's actually the most difficult question any coach on the planet can ask. It's also the most important one. So to kick things off in this experience together, I've put together a bunch of coaching exercises to reconnect with what will become possible for you once you Get Out of Your Own Way.

Big Picture

I’m gonna level with you - this week’s coaching exercises are quite possibly the most important and powerful part of this entire experience. In Week Two, you're gonna reconnect yourself with why you got into business in the first place and set a course for where you want your business to take you next. Then, and only then, can you start taking Hilda to task...because you will now have a crystal clear vision for your life and biz. 

Understanding Hilda

Week Three is when we really push up our sleeves and start the real work of exploring your inner critic. You're gonna learn all about Hilda and start digging into when, where, and how your inner naysayer shows up and screws with you. You're going to become painfully aware of all the thoughts that zip around your head and how they make you feel and act. And you're gonna start forming the habit of differentiating Hilda’s happy nonsense from your honest-to-goodness truth. Suffice it to say, you're gonna spend an uncomfortable amount of time in your own head this week.

I Can't Hilda

Moving into Week Four, we will deep dive into each BS Belief in more depth. First up is I Can’t Hilda. She is on a mission to instigate copious amounts of self-doubt. This version of Hilda can best be described as a playground bully. She convinces even the most ambitious people around that they are unable to do the things that they want; that there’s something wrong with them. She brainwashes you into believing you are simply not as capable as everybody else. And even though this is not true, she constantly reinforces the idea that you are not good enough.

I Shouldn't Hilda

Next up is that bitchy, judgmental pain in the ass we all know and love: I Shouldn’t Hilda. She isn’t so consumed with what she can and can’t do, she is really worried about what she should or should not do. She’s obsessed with what your parents will think, and what your neighbors will think, and what your friends will think, and what your spouse will think, and what your boyfriend or girlfriend, or anybody outside of you will think about what you are doing. In fact, she often gets consumed with what they will think - even when you don’t know who the hell they is.

I Don't Know Hilda

Next up, we have our terribly indecisive and constantly stressed out inner diva, I Don’t Know Hilda. This chick does not want you to cross a starting line—EVER! To keep you in your comfort zone, Hilda calls upon you to rethink, reconsider, and second guess your big ideas. The amount of indecision she stirs up is breathtaking. When this is your predominant Hilda, your knee-jerk response to everything is uncertainty. It’s not that you feel incapable or fear making a decision necessarily, it’s really that you are afraid of the unknown, the possibility of regret. And you sure as hell do not want to relinquish control.

I Don't Wanna Hilda

Rounding out our sisterhood of the nagging Hildas brings us to I Don’t Wanna Hilda. She convinces you to put off your badassery by artfully and skillfully justifying procrastination. 

I Don’t Wanna Hilda can seem like the nicest of the mean girls until you see beneath her shallow Hildaisms. She’s an enabler. She likes to incite your self-sabotage by complimenting you or encouraging you to let a deadline slide. She might commiserate with you when you’re feeling tired or bored. She’ll urge you to wait until you feel inspired or to sit still until all the right conditions are magically in place. She’ll distract you with shiny objects, help you come up with an awesome excuse, or remind you that you’re super special. 

Freakin' Perfectionism

Believe it or not, we’ve only scratched the surface on that super common self-sabotaging habit that we need to address - hint: it’s starts with a P. Then we’re gonna talk in more depth about my favorite three coaching questions of all time :: what’s gotta happen? what’s gotta change? and what’s gotta give? Ooh, and I’ve also got a few more tools for your tenacity toolkit up my sleeve. I really can’t help myself at this point. Finally, we’re gonna take everything you’ve learned so far and raise your standards.

What's Next?

You now know how to tune into the negative crap your inner critic is spewing, recognize it for what it is and what it is not, and call BS on that noise. You’ve adopted a new approach to your Big Picture Life and Biz Goals and built effective workarounds to the mindfuckery that’s been holding you back. You’ve gained tons of confidence and built up your tenacity muscle. So what’s next? Action planning, natch!

So in our final week together, I’m gonna provide you with mad guidance and support to help you take everything you’ve learned and implement it in the form of an action plan.

"Jennie is my awesome coach (and should be yours too!)"

"Coach Jennie, remember when you and I first chatted about me joining the program and I'm woo but you're not but you rolled with me? I knew I needed your help (still do!). We got down to the nitty gritty of program fees & how I was going to pay for this. There was hemming & hawing (on my part not you) and You were like if you're a law of attraction coach you'll probably have it paid for in 30days. Well - yep I did! I was paying some bills this morning and low and BEHOLD I realized I had paid off my credit card & it wasn't in 30days but 3weeks... so lessons - a. I'm still a woo person working the law of attraction b. Jennie is my awesome coach (and should be yours too!) who is still not woo but loves me anyway c. If your one obstacle is money - it is only there because your mind puts it so.

~ Michele Stans, Law of Attraction Coach

No-Excuse Pricing Options...

Coaching pricing is usually a state secret. Not with me. I've never hired a coach or consultant without knowing the price tag ahead of time, so I surely don't expect you to call me without all the info. You've got two investment options...

two monthly payments of $500


one upfront payment of $900  

In addition to the self-guided program materials, you are joining the most actionable and supportive mastermind on the planet. Plus you get a private coaching session with me to make sure you have all the support you could need to shut down Hilda. Or for the people who are quickly scanning this page (I get it, you're busy)...

  • nine weeks of self-guided coaching videos 
  • nine weekly workbooks
  • one private coaching session with yours truly
  • twice weekly group mastermind calls 
  • membership in our secret Facebook group
  • invitation to ever-growing graduate community of badassery
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Client Case Study :: Jenn Vazquez

Check out this interview with me and my client Jenn Vazquez of Purple Penguin Fitness. She shares how she finally got out of her own way straight from her to you!


Here's What I Want You to Do Next

If you’re still reading at this point and everything I’ve said above is getting you excited and terrified simultaneously, we simply have to talk. You're clearly ready to Get Out of Your Own Way. I'm clearly ready to help.

The only thing left to do is to have a conversation to ensure I'm the right coach for you and your needs! 

I’ve set aside some time on my calendar to speak with you asap. It’s time you call your inner critic on her BS and stop holding yourself back. Then you can finally stop squandering all that power and potential you have inside and tackle your next big thing - so that you can get on with the business of changing the world. 

Instead of telling you to feel the fear and do it anyway, taking you on a some pseudo-spiritual journey, or coddling you, we’re gonna work together to take an honest assessment of your inner mindf*ckery and expose it for what it really is -  a web of lies brought to you by your inner critic.

To start with, I’ll ask you some questions to get all the details we need, and then I’ll give you a playful, yet cathartic shove or two in the right direction (with love and humor, naturally). Because I don’t want you to just feel warm and fuzzy, I want to actually fix the problem.

Scroll down to use scheduling tool and pick the time the works best for you for that conversation. After that, you’ll receive a short and sweet application telling me a bit about you in preparation for our call. Then at the appointed time, we'll meet via Zoom for about 45 minutes. 

You’ve stood in your own way long enough. This is your time.

Let's do this!