Hey there! Coach Jennie here. If you're reading this page, then you likely know a bit about the genius of my wife and CEO, Meredyth Mustafa-Julock.

And while you may think me biased, I assure you that I totally am . . . and I'm also right! 

Meredyth has a particular set of skills that have dramatically up-leveled my coaching business.

And she would love to lend some of that genius to YOU! 

Yes, please! How do we make this happen?

👇🏻 Meredyth will take it from here 👇🏻

Hey there, Meredyth here...

AKA your perfect partner in systems and instructional design.

I joined Coach Jennie's business as her full-time CEO in 2021 after spending the prior 20 years in the field of education - twelve of those years as a special educator and the final eight as an Assistant Principal in elementary charter schools. While I loved working with my students, of course, my favorite part of my job was coaching teachers to be the best teachers they could be.

Turns out my instructional design skills and nerdery are exactly what Jennie needed to radically upgrade her group program experiences. And word travels fast! I've recently helped some of our clients and biz buddies to do the same in their businesses

Did someone say systems? Umm, that's my love language right there. I'd LOVE to help you build or upgrade your biz's organizational systems, especially if you're interested in deploying Notion (my absolute favorite tool ever). 


So while I obviously have ongoing daily responsibilities as Coach Jennie's CEO, I do have some spare bandwidth to share my nerdery with others . . . specifically within the following two buckets:

Uplevel Your Systems

I'm obsessed with systems. Ob...sessed. I love the freedom that comes from having a beautiful and automated structure in place.

Buuuut if you're anything like Jennie and some of her clients, you simply do not have the time or bandwidth or desire to create or uplevel your own systems. You have clients to focus on and content to create. You just need a solid set of systems to work and you need it to exist yesterday.

That's where I come in! 

I will gleefully co-collab with you to create systems just for you. Or if you're more of a nerdy DIYer like me, we can book consulting sessions so I can shorten your learning curve and build them out for you.

Either way, I got you covered so you can spend more time making things happen.

Uplevel Your Client Experience

So you've spent a ton of blood, sweat, and tears developing your own thought leadership and countless hair-pulling hours packaging and marketing your brilliance to fill your memberships and courses and programs with all the right people. 

But if you want to make sure their experience in your programs is second to none, you're gonna need to know a lot about the idiosyncrasies of adult learning and the best facilitation techniques. 

I got you covered.

I love love love co-creating group experiences and course curricula that maximizes your strengths and delivers immediate results and lasting impact for your clients.  

OMG, I definitely want this! Where do we start?

If you'd like to borrow my brain and skills for your biz, we should talk. 

Let’s hop on a zoom to talk more about what you might be looking for. Complimentary consult, of course!  Feel free to book below to get an initial chat convo on my calendar. Can’t wait to get started!

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