Our Strange Vocab

Nov 07, 2020

I swear to you, I do not run a cult.

I know a lot of gurus and a lot of coaches out there kind of have this culty vibe and culty culture, if you will, and that is not my gig. In fact, the whole idea that I wanna bring together a bunch of likeminded people, kind of find it a little troublesome. (But I will rant about being upset about the word likeminded another day.)

But I want to talk to you about today, though, is the fact there's a little bit of cultiness to my community. In the fact that we have a kinda strange vocabulary that we all share. And since you are here, watching this video, that tells me you're at least a little bit interested in finding out more about me and my work and becoming part of this tribe of changemakers. And so, I wanna bring you up to speed on a handful of the, kind of, quirky, strange vocabulary words that we use here in Coach Jennie's world.



To be guru'd means that you have just fallen victim to believing in exactly what the gurus have told you you're supposed to think and believe.



Infocrack is my tongue in cheek term that I use for information products. Now, I'm not against information products, I sell information products. But you know when it's turned into infocrack, you're to it, you're really excited about it. You find yourself taking up another course before you've, you know, implemented the last thing that you learned from the last piece of infocrack that you bought.


"Hater dance"

The tradition of the hater dance goes back many years, and it's one I'm very proud of. The hater dance is simple, as soon as you get a hater in the world, I want you to call me up so that so that we can dance it out like we're Meredith Grey and Christina Yang on Grey's Anatomy. So you call me up, we'll hop on Zoom and we'll dance it out to the tune of your choice.


"The bar of resentment"

This is just simply saying this is the level that is the minimum possible level that I'm willing to tolerate, and I wanna operate above that, 'cause anything below that is just full of resentment and I don't wanna be living in that place.


"Future tripping"

Future tripping is when you're trying to solve a problem that you don't freaking have yet, as a way to distract you from what you should be doing right here and now. And it's a way of tripping over some problem that you might have in the future if everything goes your way or if everything goes bad. It's Hilda distracts us from the here and now by making us worry about what could go wrong or what could go right in the future.



A changemaker is simply somebody who is part of my community who want to change the world in some way. That's all it is. And it just means that you want to make change based on something that matters to you. There's something that you know you can do, you can make a difference in the lives of other people.


"Cathartic shove"

Now this is a term that was actually coined by one of my coaching clients, way back in the day, when she was trying to describe what it's like to be coached by me. "Puddle jumping" Puddle jumping is the term that I use to describe when you're trivializing your own accomplishments.


"Rule number one"

Don't make the coach cry. :)


"Financial oxygen"

I use the term financial oxygen as a way to describe your day job or your side hustle or whatever you're doing to fund your dream.

So, there you have it. There are 10 new vocabulary words for you to add to your vocabulary as you're learning about this Hilda stuff with me. As you join my community and become part of my world, these kind of terms are the things that we use as a way to have a laugh about the very serious challenge of having an inner critic. As you can tell, I don't take myself all that seriously, but I do take this work seriously, and terms like this help us to have a shorthand and a shared language so that you can feel like you belong here.