Registration for NO MATTER WHAT 2020 is OPEN! Click here for details!

NO MATTER WHAT 2020 is still happening #nomatterwhat


So when I renamed HildaCon to "NO MATTER WHAT," I had no idea that we would be in the throes of a global pandemic within a few weeks. 

Naming my upcoming intensive coaching event as I did is proving to be ironic. 

I mean you can’t cancel or postpone an event literally called "NO MATTER WHAT." It would be breaking my promise. 

And frankly, this event is even more important now than ever. 

So NO MATTER WHAT is happening #nomatterwhat - just with a change in venue. Instead of traveling to Los Angeles, I am hosting the first annual event virtually on June 25th and 26th. 

I'm very happy to report that the registration page for 
has been updated and is ready for you to sign up. 
(hint, hint)

Watch the video above for details . . . or just head straight to the registration page at


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