Coach Jennie's Gritty Backstory

Feb 28, 2020

Most people know me as the Hilda whisperer who helps tortured overachievers with lofty, lofty goals figure out how to stop squandering their potential. (And as the coach with an extraordinary gift for making people cry. LOL)

But what you may not know about me is...that I am client zero for my work - the original tortured overachiever.

In this very personal video, I want to share with you the story of how I discovered my own inner critic. 

Most people know me as "The Hilda Whisperer," the coach who helps tortured overachievers with lofty, lofty goals figure out how to stop squandering their potential. I also have a bit of a reputation for making people cry. But what you may not know about me is that I'm actually client zero of my work. The original tortured overachiever if you will.

When I was 10 years old, I came home with the very first school problem from school that I couldn't figure out on my own, fractions. I didn't know why they were important, but I believed in my core that fractions were one of the 5 billion things that I needed to master in order to become what I wanted to be when I grew up. So I was determined to figure it out. I asked for help, but every adult that I turned to didn't know how to help me with my homework.

And to make matters worse, they mocked me for caring so much about this.

It was at this moment in the fourth grade where I realized I was the most determined, ambitious person I knew. And almost immediately that little voice inside of my head said, "What's wrong with you?"

That inner critic got louder and louder over the years. I secretly had these lofty, lofty goals, about what I wanted to be and what I wanted to with my life, but that voice made me doubt that I would ever achieve anything great. I second guessed myself and constantly worried what my friends and family would think of me if they knew I had such massive dreams. That inner voice was holding my ambitions hostage, and it sucked. And she would've stopped me from ever going after all of the things that I was meant to do except that I was fortunate enough to meet a person who believed in me as much as I wanted to.

When I was 14 years old, I was matched with a Big Sister from Big Brothers Big Sisters of America And she gave me a powerful outside perspective to counter that inner voice. That voice in my head that told me I was selfish and wrong to want more. My mentor taught me that not only was I right to want more, that I deserved more. And that while it was my responsibility to go out into the world and make it happen, I didn't have to go it alone. And this is why I do what I do. Because having someone to contradict my inner critic - who I have dubbed Hilda - meant that I realized my ambitions. I became the first person in my family to go to college. I went on to graduate school. I built my own business. And I get to change lives on a daily basis.

Instead of listening to Hilda's inner propaganda, I go all in with the things that matter most to me. I want more, I do more, and I am more!

Oh, and yes, I did, eventually, conquer fractions.

But I realize how easy it is to not do that. When you're the only person you know that wants a bigger life, it is painfully isolating. And it's so easy to let that naysaying voice be the only voice that you hear until she has convinced you that you cannot, and you should not, so you just don't. And I cannot stand to see one more talented person squander their potential and waste all that they could've been because Hilda has won.

Maybe you've been there. Dreaming the big dreams, but going it alone. Surrounded by people who love you, but just don't get you. Wanting more, but holding yourself back. Locked in a never ending battle with your inner Hilda over who gets to run your life and you're starting to worry that she's winning.

I've been there, I get you, and I've got you.

Imagine what you could do if you were part of a community of people who get it. Incredible people who want to do a thing in the world and know their inner critic just as intimately as you know yours. What would become possible for you if you were part of a movement of people shaking the world by its shoulders no matter what?

That is what my community is all about. Together, we drown out that negative voice with a positive voice of not just one, but many others who say that you can and you should, so you can finally say, I can and I will. If you know deep down that you are squandering your potential and that you're only scratching the surface of all that you could achieve because you keep getting in your own head, I can help.