How to Stop Second Guessing

second guessing

Do you ever feel like your ideas could change the world...if only you could stop second guessing yourself?

Yeah. You’re not alone. I got you.

I just dropped this new video for all of you second guessers out there over on YouTube. Dig yourself out of the second guessing cycle of suckdom.

Spoiler alert :: I dance in this video. Seriously. It's worth watching just to laugh at me.


 Do you ever feel like your ideas could change the world, if only you could stop second guessing yourself? Yeah, you're not alone. I got you.

If you second guess your best ideas until they die a slow and untimely death, by the end of this video you're gonna know why you do that and what you can do about it. I've helped countless clients end the second guessing cycle of suckdom and now it's your turn to do the same.

Allow me to demonstrate the second guessing cycle of suckdom.

  • You have an epic idea. Yay!
  • You get super excited!
  • You start to share your idea with anybody who will listen. Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah.
  • Then it starts to feel real. You begin to question your excitement a little bit.
  • Then you fall down the rabbit hole of what ifs. And what if it goes wrong? And what if it doesn't work? And what if I fail?
  • You gradually conclude that this is not such a great idea after all.
  • Then you give up before you even get started.

Look, second guessing is not just some minor annoyance. Second guessing is holding your ambitions hostage. And that costs you dearly. I know this. You know this. Everybody knows this. And yet second guessing feels like an involuntary response to any big great idea.

So why do we second guess ourselves? Well, in a nutshell, we are terrified of crossing the starting line. You see that inner critic that lives in our brain? I call her Hilda. Hilda loves that we are afraid of the starting line. And so she convinces us to second guess our every move. So that we don't actually cross it.

You might think, well, if I never cross the starting line, I can never fail. I can never screw it up. So Hilda fills your head with thoughts like, "What if everything goes wrong?" And it's those kind of thoughts that lead us down the second guessing cycle of suckdom yet again.

What if I told you that second guessing isn't some disease you have, but it's just a habit? And it's a habit designed to keep you stuck. To keep you scared. To keep you safe. And while I do not have a pill that tastes like chocolate to fix it - I really wish I did, I'd be so rich - I do have a solution for you, it's time to replace that habit.

Every time you hear Hilda hit you with a "what if everything goes wrong?" Kind of thought, pay equal time and attention to the opposite thought, "what if everything goes right?" Do you ever stop to ask yourself that question? Seriously, what could happen if everything goes your way? What would become possible, if things work out? And what would that look like? What would that feel like for you? Might that possible outcome be worth the discomfort of crossing that starting line and having a go?

Spoiler alert, it's totally worth it. You're worth it.

Hilda is always going to try to stop you from running with your new epic idea. I mean, that's her job and she's superb at her job. But obeying her inner propaganda is just a habit you have, not a disease and you can change your habits. Maybe not overnight, but with some practice. So dust off one of your second guessed ideas, take it out for a spin. You never know. It just might change the world. 

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