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I wanna add three words to your vocabulary :: NO MATTER WHAT


I wanna add three words to your vocabulary, "no matter what."

Seriously, I want you to bust out your to-do list right now and look at it. Ask yourself if you can append each of those items with the phrase, no matter what.

I'm gonna do this no matter what.
I'm gonna do that no matter what.
I'm committed to making this happen no matter what.

When I first started doing this, that was not my experience. I had a to-do list from here until forever that had a bunch of things that I'm semi-committed to. I mean, when I wrote 'em down, I was kinda committed to them but they didn't have that "no matter what" status. They have more of a, "we'll see if I get to it" status.

Be honest with yourself. How much of your to-do list is there? How many people writes stuff on their to-do list just to check it off, just to feel like you checked off something? By switching gears and making your to-do list a no matter what list, you're gonna radically change the game and Hilda is going to hate it.

Hilda is the name I give to the that irksome, inner critical voice that lives in the back of your head and tell that you suck, and when Hilda hears the phrase, no matter what, she's shaking in her boots a little bit.

See, Hilda will try to convince you to doubt yourself and doubt your abilities, but if you've committed to doing something no matter what, it's okay that you're not feeling completely confident, you're gonna do it anyway. Hilda also makes you worry about what everybody else is gonna think about you, right? She gets you obsessed about what people are thinking about you all the time so much so that you don't do anything. Well, if you've committed to something at that no matter what level, doesn't really matter what other people think. And if you're a procrastinator, you know who you are. You've always been a procrastinator, you never get around to anything. You start stuff all the time but you don't really finish much, but you commit do finishing things no matter what, all of a sudden all of Hilda's distractions for procrastination don't work anymore.

What I have found in just using the phrase no matter what at the top of my to-do list is I am more selective about what I'm committing to and I'm all-in with everything I'm committing to. I'm completely determined to do it no matter what.

Now, if you're listening to me, thinking, "Yeah, Coach Jennie, that's cute and all "but adding the words no matter what isn't really gonna make a difference."

Give it a go. Promise you it'll make a difference if you truly commit to it. If you decide to everything that you're doing, you're not just going to try to do, maybe someday when you feel like it if the stars align, but then, you're gonna do this no matter what, then, life can't get in the way of that. Whatever comes your way, you're going to handle it because you've decided to go all-in no matter what.

So, give it a go. Add the phrase, no matter what to the end of everything you're committing to today.

Watch what happens.


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