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44 Things I’ve Learned in My 44 Years on Earth


Today is my 44th birthday, and that seemed like a good enough excuse to create this video of 44 Things I’ve Learned in My 44 Years on Earth.


Prefer to read? Here ya go...

  1. Collections are meant to be displayed and enjoyed. Case in point, the Babs wall.
  2. Two cups of coffee a day is enough. 
  3. I love children, but I don’t want any of my own. And that’s okay.  
  4. Never underestimate the power of a really good brunch. 
  5. People work hard. Tip generously.
  6. You can be confident and humble at the same time. 
  7. Upgrade whenever possible. 
  8. “Just because” is all the explanation I ever need. 
  9. Everyone should move across the country at least once. 
  10. Know where your happy place is and go there often. 
  11. Try new foods at least once. Who knew I’d love oysters and octopus?!
  12. My closest friends and advisors were RIGHT - being known for all things Hilda has radically changed my life for the better. Please don’t tell them they were right though. I’ll never hear the end of it. 
  13. Be kind. 
  14. Be honest. 
  15. Be curious. 
  16. #inboxzero is life changing, people. 
  17. Bougie minimalism is a thing and it suits me. 
  18. Moisturizer matters. 
  19. Sometimes Hilda is actually right, but that still doesn’t mean she gets to win. 
  20. You’re never too old for Disneyland. 
  21. There is no hope for people who don’t understand the importance of hair and lighting - thank you Auntie Myrna. 
  22. I don’t need to be right as much as other people. And that drives them crazy. 
  23. Wear the right size bra. Who cares what number/letter combination you got. Whatever holds the ladies up is the right combination. 
  24. Collecting hometowns is far more adventurous than traditional vacationing. I consider Lorain, Gainesville, St. Augustine, Washington DC, Silver Spring, Alexandria, Boston, Brookline, NYC, Brooklyn, and Los Angeles all hometowns. 
  25. You don’t have to settle for just the family you were assigned at birth. You really don’t. 
  26. There is great wisdom to be learned from Breaking Bad. No more half measures. Stop squandering your potential. I’m in the empire business. Coin flip is sacred. You are a blowfish!
  27. I’m at my most creative when I have pretty notebooks and lots of pens.
  28. I can be politically engaged and care about issues deeply without being perpetually angry. 
  29. Making people cry is my superpower. Don’t question it. 
  30. Likemindedness is a dangerous goal. I much prefer to be surrounded by people with diverse thoughts and opinions. 
  31. Upgrade whenever possible. It’s worth saying twice. 
  32. The secret to a happy marriage is memorizing the following :: I was wrong, but more importantly, you were right. Thank you, George. 
  33. We all have tons of proof that we’re pretty awesome if we would just stop Puddle Jumping. 
  34. It turns out - surprisingly - that I’m a pretty damn good writer. Who woulda thunk it?!
  35. I don’t need to believe in a higher power or other invisible force to lead a life filled with meaning and purpose. 
  36. The ocean melts my stress away. That’s why I moved to Southern California. Visit more often. 
  37. I will never stop caring about what other people think - but I don’t have the change my behavior based on what others might think either. That’s the difference. 
  38. I don’t need that many close friends because I selected the best possible ones already. I’m rather lucky that way. 
  39. My body size doesn’t define me. And I love my body. 
  40. Hilda was wrong. The world did indeed need a non-Tony Robbins-like coach like me. #TakeThatHilda
  41. Never operate below the bar of resentment. You deserve better.
  42. I’m at my best when my space is clean and decluttered and minimal. 
  43. Apple products make me happy. Totally worth the extra money. 
  44. Finish strong. Always. 

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