In 2023, I want more and less.

more focused Jan 17, 2023
note to self: more ease, less noise #nomatterwhat || photo by Coach Jennie

more ease, less noise

I want MORE:

more writing,

more publishing,

more time behind a microphone,

more focus,

more productivity,

more confidence to ask for bigger opportunities,

more recognition of my badassery.

I want more adventure,

more essentialism,

more ease and comfort,

more morning cuddles,

more afternoon teas,

more evening walks with our new puppy,

more intentionality.

And I want LESS:

less stress,

less complaining,

less doing things the way I’ve always done them that way,

less infocrack,

less shoulds,

less coulds,

less hustle,

less conspicuous consumption.

I want less time scrolling social media,

less time mindlessly playing on my iPhone,

and less participation in conversations about the polarized politics of our day.

Just less negativity all around.

Bottom line:

In 2023, I want more ease, but less noise.

I encourage you to take a turn at this.

What do you want more of in 2023? And what do you want less of?