112 Days in 112 Square Feet Changed Our Life

more confident May 01, 2022

I’m Coach Jennie (and I’m Meredyth) and we’ve been together since ‘97, married since 2003, legally married since 2009, and full time RVers since July 2021. Today we want to talk to you about how living in this 112 square foot trailer in 112 days changed our life forever. So here it goes.

In my coaching practice, I always preach to approach everything as an experiment before you decide, this is what you want to do for the rest of your life. So this grand experiment, we want to give you the 101 of, because many of our friends and family and clients, and pretty much everybody that we've met on the road - the whole world, yes - wants to know what possessed us to do this. 

So check out this video where we share all the deets.