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I wanna add three words to your vocabulary :: NO MATTER WHAT


I wanna add three words to your vocabulary, "no matter what."

Seriously, I want you to bust out your to-do list right now and look at it. Ask yourself if you can append each of those items with the phrase, no matter what.

I'm gonna do this no matter what.
I'm gonna do that no matter what.
I'm committed to making this happen no matter what.

When I first started doing this, that was not my experience. I had a to-do list from here until forever that had a bunch of things that I'm semi-committed to. I mean, when I wrote 'em down, I was kinda committed to them but they didn't have that "no matter what" status. They have more of a, "we'll see if I get to it" status.

Be honest with yourself. How much of your to-do list is there? How many people writes stuff on their to-do list just to check it off, just to feel like you checked off something? By switching gears and making your to-do list a no matter what list, you're gonna radically change the game and Hilda is going to hate it.

Hilda is...

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NO MATTER WHAT 2020 is still happening #nomatterwhat


So when I renamed HildaCon to "NO MATTER WHAT," I had no idea that we would be in the throes of a global pandemic within a few weeks. 

Naming my upcoming intensive coaching event as I did is proving to be ironic. 

I mean you can’t cancel or postpone an event literally called "NO MATTER WHAT." It would be breaking my promise. 

And frankly, this event is even more important now than ever. 

So NO MATTER WHAT is happening #nomatterwhat - just with a change in venue. Instead of traveling to Los Angeles, I am hosting the first annual event virtually on June 25th and 26th. 

I'm very happy to report that the registration page for 
has been updated and is ready for you to sign up. 
(hint, hint)

Watch the video above for details . . . or just head straight to the registration page at

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Why I Do What I Do :: My Gritty Backstory


Most people know me as the Hilda whisperer who helps tortured overachievers with lofty, lofty goals figure out how to stop squandering their potential. (And as the coach with an extraordinary gift for making people cry. LOL)

But what you may not know about me is...that I am client zero for my work - the original tortured overachiever.

In this very personal video, I want to share with you the story of how I discovered my own inner critic.

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44 Things I’ve Learned in My 44 Years on Earth


Today is my 44th birthday, and that seemed like a good enough excuse to create this video of 44 Things I’ve Learned in My 44 Years on Earth.


Prefer to read? Here ya go...

  1. Collections are meant to be displayed and enjoyed. Case in point, the Babs wall.
  2. Two cups of coffee a day is enough. 
  3. I love children, but I don’t want any of my own. And that’s okay.  
  4. Never underestimate the power of a really good brunch. 
  5. People work hard. Tip generously.
  6. You can be confident and humble at the same time. 
  7. Upgrade whenever possible. 
  8. “Just because” is all the explanation I ever need. 
  9. Everyone should move across the country at least once. 
  10. Know where your happy place is and go there often. 
  11. Try new foods at least once. Who knew I’d love oysters and octopus?!
  12. My closest friends and advisors were RIGHT - being known for all things Hilda has radically changed my life for the better. Please don’t tell...
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How to Stop Second Guessing Every Thought and Thing You Do

Do you ever feel like your ideas could change the world...if only you could stop second guessing yourself?

Yeah. You’re not alone. I got you.

I just dropped this new video for all of you second guessers out there over on YouTube. Dig yourself out of the second guessing cycle of suckdom.

Spoiler alert :: I dance in this video. Seriously. It's worth watching just to laugh at me.

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NO MATTER WHAT 2020 | Early Bird Registration is OPEN!

I'm soooo excited to announce that early bird registration is open for my upcoming 3-day coaching experience. In this livestream, I'm gonna give you all the deets!

Register today at 

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Get Off the Infocrack :: Why It's Time to Stop Learning and Start Implementing

Have you accidentally become a STUDENT of entrepreneurship instead of an actual, y'know, ENTREPRENEUR? Well, the answer is simple, even if you don't want to hear it. It's time to step away from the infocrack.

In this video, I'm ranting about our infocrack addiction and telling you exactly what you can do about it.

Want to save yourself THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS while making potentially THOUSANDS MORE in 2018? Then listen up.

Step away from the infocrack. get off that sales page. don't you already have a massive folder on your desktop collecting cyberdust of all those programs and courses and bootcamps and masterminds that you invested in 2017?

Yep. I'm talking to you.

I love me some infocrack. It's so delicious. Let's you feel busy - productive even - and you get to learn. Learning is always good right?!?!'s a little more complicated than that.

See, I'm a big fan of learning. But in entrepreneurship there is such thing as too much learning and too little...

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How to Overcome Fear in Seven Easy Steps

The key to making sure your Hilda doesn’t keep you from chasing down your outrageous goals is send her out for coffee so you can confront those fears straight on. And I happen to have some quick-and-dirty steps to help you do just that!

In this video, I'm going to teach you how to overcome any fear in just seven easy steps. Remember, you only feel fear when something matters to you. Most of the time when something matters to you, it means you're about to break new ground or break out of your comfort zone or risk something in a big way.

Here is a simple coaching exercise to help you THINK through - instead of only FEELING through - those fears so you can get clear on your next bold steps. Looking at your next big thing, bust out pen and paper and think through the seven steps.

Here’s a simple coaching exercise to help you think through — instead of always feeling through — those fears so you can get clear on your next bold steps. Looking at one audacious goal...

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Meet Hilda :: A Formal Introduction to Your Irksome Inner Naysayer

You know that negative voice in your head? The one that says you can’t, you shouldn’t, you suck? It’s not your dark side. It’s not a lizard. It’s certainly not a fuzzy creature that you shouldn’t feed after midnight.

It’s just Hilda.

Let me back up. Say you’ve decided to start something spectacular. Brilliant! But almost immediately after you proclaim, “I am going to {insert your goal here}” you start hearing her voice . . .

You’re dreaming far too big for someone like you.
You know you’re going to fail. Why even try?
They will find out you’re a phony, y’know.
Pfffft, this could never happen for you.
You really want to tempt fate like this?
People are going to laugh at you.
Why can’t you just be grateful?
That’s a really, really bad plan.
You shouldn’t have said that.
Who do you think you are?
Umm, that is a stupid idea.
You’re not good enough.
You’re just...

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Did I Really Just Come Out as a Fat Life Coach in Front of Thousands of People?


I've got to tell you about the most liberating moment of my professional life.

I was attending a live workshop by the incomparable Mel Robbins (author of “The 5 Second Rule” and “Stop Saying You’re Fine”) at CreativeLive in San Francisco. The workshop was on “How to Break the Habit of Self-Doubt and Build Real Confidence,” a topic that is right in my lane of nerdery by one of my favorite personal development teachers on the planet. To get into this audience, I had to apply for a seat and be hand selected by Mel and the CreativeLive team. So I was thrilled to just be there as she taught this workshop for the first time ever, and I could never have predicted what would happen once I was in my seat. 

After the first of four live segments of the daylong workshop, Mel told the producer that she wanted me mic’d up for the second segment. She came back to discuss and demonstrate the four traps of self-doubt she...

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