You've committed to your big dreams, #nomatterwhat. So . . . now what?


If you're truly ready to accomplish more, celebrate more, and live more in the next six months than you have in years – you're gonna need a lot of support along the way.


six solid months of Coach Jennie's self-sabotage-slaying coaching & support and a no-nonsense braintrust that has your back.


 The next cohort kicks off February 8th!


Are you ready to go ALL IN with us?

HELL YES! I am ready!

Well, you did it. Congrats! 

At #NoMatterWhat, you stepped into your role as a changemaker! You made an epic commitment to impact the world in wild and wonderful ways - NO MATTER WHAT! You even made promises to yourself in front of total strangers. You have a deadline!

The hours and days after No Matter What are becoming legendary for waves of emotion, A-HA aftershocks, and super-charged moments of hope, pride, and even a little nausea.

Yep. This is the part where you start wondering how you're gonna hold up your lofty, lofty commitments. You said this time would be different - and the process of proving it has already begun. 

Good news :: you don't have to go it alone!

That’s why the ALL IN Mastermind was created - so you can have Coach Jennie in your corner every step of the way.

{what you can expect}

You didn't come this far to only come this far. Here are the specific tools that will help you rise to your potential, month after month...

Mastermind Sessions

Monthly, 90-minute small group coaching experiences led by me. Think six more #NoMatterWhat-level experiences, only far more intimate, and on a monthly basis!

I can't tell you exactly what will be covered on these calls –and here's why that is fabulous for you. This program is fully tailored to your individual needs and based on your plans, dreams, and pace. But, every month, you'll walk away with:

  • a super-sized dose of focus and accountability
  • tools and challenges designed to keep you powering forward
  • virtual high-fives, enthusiasm, support, and new perspectives form your mastermindmates

The sessions are the heart and soul of ALL IN, and those who have enrolled before you will tell you that it's worth the investment for these sessions alone.

But, I promised you I'd your coach for six whole months, so you'll also be invited to . . . 

Closed Office Hours

This experience is designed to help you individually meet your commitments and exceed your expectations. 

Closed office hours are preset, 30-minute private coaching sessions between you and me to ensure you get ample individual attention as you implement your #NoMatterWhat commitments. 

Open Office Hours

These are organized "ask me anything” sessions. Each participant receives 1:1 support – only this time your mastermindmates will be there, too!

In addition to getting my attention on your question or situation, you'll have the opportunity to learn something just by listening to me coach someone else. 

Coworking Sessions

Wanna put some productivity behind all that passion? You're aso invited to 6-8 co-working sessions. These sessions are exactly what they sound like - specific time set aside where you, me, and your cohort meet in a Zoom room and tackle our own individual work on our #NoMatterWhat commitments. Support and accountability abound!

Community Space

Let’s be real. It just wouldn’t be a Coach Jennie program without a super- secret group on Mighty Networks to build a thriving tight-knit community of badassery, amiright? 

There you’ll post updates and questions, bask in loving encouragement from your fabulous leader (that’s me!) and jam with your extraordinary peers. I’ll also post prompts, polls, challenges, coaching exercises, and other resources. This is also where all events will be scheduled so you can RSVP and easily add the times and dates to your calendar (in your time zone).

Each cohort has a maximum capacity of ten impatiently ambitious go-getters.

Now that I am not taking on private coaching clients, ALL IN is the only have direct access to me. So, if you want to work together before this weird year is over, this is your golden opportunity.

At 10 members or fewer, you'll each get loads of individual attention, and no one (even the shyest of introverts) can get lost in the shuffle.

Yep! I need Coach Jennie in my corner.

{exactly what you can expect}

Prepare yourself for a surprising amount of transformation, challenges, and FUN! 

Over the next six months, I’m going to ask you to do a lot of strange things. I will challenge you to consider new ways of thinking, new approaches, new challenges, new adventures, and new ways to get things done.

A word of warning :: my coaching style combines some serious soul searching with some laugh-out-loud ridiculousness. You’ll come face-to-face with yourself (and all your BS) in a way you’ve rarely experienced. And I have a bit of a reputation for making people cry. So sure you may shed a few tears along the way, but I promise they will be cathartic tears.

And you’ll forge powerful relationships with a small group of incredible women who are as impatiently ambitious as you are - an invaluable asset in this tumultuous time we are currently living in.

Together, we are going to achieve more as changemakers in the next six month than we have in years!

bottom line :: expect breakthroughs and badassery. I can't wait to see how far we'll go!


I can tell you how invaluable this experience will be for you, but these powerhouse women explain it far better. I asked the first cohort of ALL IN Mastermindmates to share their perspectives on this program with you. 










What the last cohort needed to know before going ALL IN:

{bottom line}

To recap, this mastermind is jaw-droppingly perfect for you if you kicked your own-butt during No Matter What and refuse to go backwards - even by an inch! Not this time, Hilda!

  • You’re tired of Imposter Syndrome, perfectionism, and doubt keeping you small - and you're ready for your coming [back] out party.
  • Your big dreams scare the crap out of you - and yet you can’t stop wanting them. Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows the terror.
  • You worry about rising to the occasion of your potential - and need support, accountability, sounding boards, and some cathartic shoves to stay on task.
  • You’re so over goal-setting and dream-boarding and are ready to get moving, stay activated, and follow-through - once and for all. 
  • You refuse to keep being somebody’s best kept secret or an example of someone who could really have it all if she only showed up - let's give them something to talk about!

If getting it done - audaciously and undeniably - is the only direction you're ready to accept, I'm right behind you. 

I'm in! These dreams of mine cannot wait.