We've moved! We are officially Jennie + Meredyth now!

...a sentence that sounds completely ridiculous, since we've been inseparable since 1997. But whatevs.

Coach Jennie had a great run and all, but the idea that we are a one-woman-show anymore isn't true. Since Meredyth joined the business as CEO in 2021, our dreams and goals have shifted dramatically. More importantly to you, the mission of our work has shifted as well. In short...

We are on a mission to help you actually accomplish more of what matters to you.

So, this website is going away very, very soon, and we have a new home at jennieandmeredyth.com. We invite you to come hang out with us there. And, if you're a current Coach Jennie customer who is looking for your program materials, we got you, too!

Come on over to Jennie + Meredyth!
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