introducing the . . . 

This personal productivity system will make you more focused, decisive, and confident in every aspect of your life.

Not next month. Not next year. THIS WEEK. And every week after that.

So that you not only move farther and faster than you ever thought possible, but you’ll actually accomplish what truly matters to you.

Say no more: I'm ready to make it happen. >>

If you wanna know how impatiently ambitious humans get out of their own way and get on with the business of changing the world . . . 

You've come to the right place.

Procrastination. Lack of confidence. Overwhelm. These are the culprits slowing the progress of every impatiently ambitious human I know.

Until now. Because the changemaking work you're here to do? It deserves more attention. And more momentum. Not more excuses, lolly-gagging, or self-flagellation.

On your way to doing work that matters, you can make excuses, or you can make progress.

(I think we can agree which one is better, yes?)

If you’ve got notebooks full of ideas and nada to show for it 
— well, you’re not alone.

Impatiently ambitious people like you, in your quest to do the big, sometimes scary things that matter, get paralyzed by habits that just don’t serve you: 

Neglecting to do the things you WANT to do in favor of doing all the things you COULD do

Chasing shiny objects and smothering yourself with self-sabotage

Getting so lost working on big initiatives that you’ve ignored the consistent activities that propel your life + work forward

It’s not your fault, and you certainly aren’t alone. 
(Heck, we've been where you are.)

Of course, you don’t need yet another pretty little planner.

 So that’s not what you’ll find here.

This is a weekly planning system you can put into whatever tool you enjoy using: Notion, ClickUp, Trello, Asana, Sunsama, or good ol' pen and paper. 

You’ll find yourself getting more shit done than you ever thought possible. But more than that? You’ll be doing more of what matters to you. Work that moves the needle. Work that takes you to the next level in your life and your career. Work that leaves your mark on this world.

We won’t get there by gratitude journaling, as some so-called coaches might have you believe. In fact, inside the Make It Happen Method, you won’t find a daily meditation or a bunch of random quotes from famous people.  

What you WILL find is:

 Instant access to a series of videos with step-by-step instructions and explanations of the method, all delivered via Kajabi (for the people - like Jennie - who love to watch videos)

Downloadable pdf that spells out everything covered in the videos in written form (for the people - like Meredyth - who prefer to just read)

✔ Prerecorded guided facilitation of the method so you can grab your calendar and task list and follow the instructions each week

PLUS: The option to join us every Thursday for the Make It Happen Power Hour (subscription required)

AND: For anyone already using one of the major techie tools, we're creating techie templates for Notion, ClickUp, Trello, and Asana. (for a nominal additional fee) 

I've been a planner addict my whole life. I could probably have a bonfire in my driveway with all the planners I've accumulated trying to find one that actually worked. None of them made me feel accomplished. But I don't have to buy all those crazy planners anymore. The Make It Happen Method is the only thing that has ever really stuck. 

Norma Frahn
York, Pennsylvania

You’re ready to make change in your life and in this world. 

We can help.

Coach Jennie here . . .

AKA your perfect partner in making things happen, no matter what.

My fancy-pants Masters degree in Org Dev from American Univ. taught me how to develop new coaching tools and techniques that I’ve co-created, tested, and validated with more than 500 clients over my 16+ years as a professional coach.

But what people really know me for is being the coach that will get underneath their excuses and BS to find the potential they’re sitting on, then show them exactly how to take it for a spin so they can truly make the impact they’re meant to in their time on this planet. And our Make It Happen Method is going to teach you exactly how to do just that.

Meredyth here . . .

Did someone say systems? Umm, that's my love language right there. 

I joined Coach Jennie's business as her full-time CEO in 2021 after spending the prior 20 years in the field of education - twelve of those years as a special educator and the final eight as an Assistant Principal in elementary charter schools. While I loved working with my students, of course, my favorite part of my job was coaching teachers to be the best teachers they could be.

Turns out my adult learning experience, coaching skills, and systems nerdery are exactly what Coach Jennie and her clients needed to radically upgrade their approach to work. Working closely with Jennie's clients over the last 18 months, we've co-created the best productivity system for anyone who wants to do more of what truly matters. 

If you’re ready to tackle your overthinking, quit over-strategizing, and actually get more done so you can finally start making things happen . . .
then the Make It Happen Method is for you. 

But don't just take our word for it. Here's what some of the early adopters have to say about their experiences:

I have 100 different items on my list. The Make It Happen Method is helping me go farther and faster on the right things. Giving myself permission to not focus on certain things is really helpful. I can set those aside and, even though it's hard to choose, I'm choosing the right things. These are the commitments I'm making to myself this week. I'm getting more of that list accomplished than I otherwise would have. And I have a sense of what to do in the next hour, because these are the things I decided were important to get done this week. 

Sarah Westcott
Savannah, Georgia

By doing this process, I knew exactly the thing I was avoiding. And then I was able to do something about it. The Make It Happen Method is a way of getting organized, cutting through the crap, working on what's really important for that week, and then mapping it onto your week, taking into account everything that you've got going on without putting too much pressure on yourself. I love that! 

Val Young
Mexico City, Mexico

Start the new year right and sign up now!

Listen, I’d love to pretend our Make It Happen Method is for everyone.

Instead, I’ll tell the truth: It isn’t.

To be blunt: I don’t work with chronic procrastinators, epic whiners, and compulsive excuse makers.

Take it from Desiree: “Don't sign up if you're not ready to take action. If you want to sit around with your excuses this isn't the program for you. If you are tired of waiting and ready to do something about it, then sign up.”

If that still leaves you on the fence on whether the Make It Happen Method is for you? Read on . . .

The Make It Happen Method is designed specifically for you if:
  • You’re an impatiently ambitious human who wants to make a difference in the world (and has precisely no more time to waste).

  • Deep down you know you’re only scratching the surface of all you can be and it’s time to level up.

  • You’re ready to stop squandering your potential and start making significant changes in your life - even if you’re not sure how on earth you’re going to get there . . .

But do yourself a favor and please don’t even think about signing up if:
  • You’re perfectly content with the status quo of your life and aren’t looking to shake things up for the better. (Nothing to see here.)

  • You take pleasure in procrastination, prefer to make excuses instead of progress, and are still searching for the “easy button” for rapid success, productivity, or enlightenment.

  • You’d rather spend your days puttering away in a Facebook Group, falsely being “productive.”

The Make It Happen Power Hour is weekly self care for myself and my business. The realistic method for designing my week keeps me honest with myself about what I can get done and what I need to prioritize to keep moving toward what matters most. I haven't missed a week — it's the one item on my list I honor rain or shine, because it keeps all the other pieces in place, no matter what happens. In a year when I'm renovating a house, writing a book and launching a new business while elevating self-care and family time, I don't know how I'd stay sane without it. I'm so grateful to the Coach Jennie team for designing a method and a space that make me look forward to writing my to-do list! 

~ Dana Miranda
Madison, Wisconsin

Need more accountability? 

We get it and we got you. We're waiting to help YOU Make It Happen.

Be clear. This self-guided program will give you everything you need to understand and implement the Make It Happen Method - delivered in both written and video format to accommodate different learning styles (thanks to Meredyth's teaching skills). Once you make your purchase, you're good to go. We're very proud of that!

But, if you're like many of the people I've worked with over the last 16 years, you know you'll be far more successful if you don't go it alone.

So, you can Make It Happen with me, Meredyth, and several other of your impatiently ambitious, status quo-breaking friends who are also on the cusp of making a bigger and even better impact in their lives and work at the Power Hour.

The Make It Happen Power Hour is exactly what it sounds like: a one-hour live co-working sesh working through the Make It Happen Method, personally facilitated by one of us every Thursday afternoon.

If you'd like to join the weekly Power Hour sessions, be sure to add your subscription when you purchase below.

Massive action awaits! Sign up today!

If you are just overwhelmed and you don't know what to do next, you need the Make It Happen Method. I've always in the past fallen for the pretty things. I've done it, you know, more times than I'd care to admit. I'm going to try this planner, and this is going to do it for me. Maybe it has stickers, and it's pastels. Do you know I have some that I purchased I never even wrote in? The method is not just another planner. We're focusing on where you really want to end up. And you can't put that in a planner that you buy off the store shelf or on Amazon. Nobody is helping you get to what really matters. And that's baked in and that's what sets you apart. And now I moved from procrastination and overwhelm to what's next? 

~ Jody Duron
West Olive, Michigan

Bottom line

Sure, you could buy a costly and complex productivity system from some slick internet bro who barks at you to hustle-hustle-hustle and doesn’t care if you ever have dinner with your family again…


 You can say goodbye to the days of wasting your hard-earned money on productivity systems that don't deliver on their promises!

With the Make It Happen Method, you can become more organized, productive and successful this week - without the need to hustle and hustle, without having to watch endless online modules, and without having to invest in expensive systems.

Our simple five-step method is designed to help you take control of your time and your life with minimal effort and no special skills required. Invest in yourself and in your future with the Make It Happen Method - it's the last productivity system you will ever need to purchase, and you'll be able to start seeing results right away! In just seven days, you'll be equipped with the tools and knowledge you need to make this week, and every week after, your most productive and successful yet!

Sign up today and be among the first adopters!

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